Thursday, October 20, 2011

oh how I look up to you

Dr. Laurie Armsby and Dude 10/20/2011
Lately, I haven't felt very... into blogging. There's only so much talking about yourself and your family that you can put up with. Not to mention, I feel like things are so monotonous and there's not much to write about. Dominic keeps progressing and his spirits are so... well...  Dominic. It's so nice to have him "back". He's the talk of the floor! (Which is what I'm so used to) He's broken just about every one of the nurses hearts because he won't let them take the place of his girlfriends, Taryn and Medow. The guys on the floor think he's so rad and they all invite him to talk shop with them and flirt with the nurses :) It seems as if life is how it should be.

Today we went back to OHSU for some follow ups on his lungs and what not. It was the best feeling when Dude ...walked... into Dr. Armsby's office to surprise her. She hugged him like he was her own and it brought tears to my eyes. It was the most touching reunion. She was so strong when we found out about his strokes and she is always so great about being up front and honest with me. She didn't look scared and she didn't seem worried at the time... but she sure looked excited and relieved for us. All of his tests came back GREAT. His surgery is holding up really well, and his lungs are doing great.

I think I have a date for our Lanterns. And I think I have a good reason to pick this date. I will share more about it later but for now.. if you are going to order them... order them; and, if you're going to make them.. start making them. I really hope that everyone shows up to send their thanks for answered prayers. Not only will it look amazing to see all of these lanterns in the sky, but I know it will show Dominic, just how many people love him and have been praying for him through all of this.
I ordered mine through and they are under 2.00. If you have friends that want to order, I would suggest ordering them together, or you can always email me {} and we can order them all together.

I really feel as if I'm being pressed to do something big with the situation I've been dealt. I sort of always have felt this way, but lately, it's stronger than ever. I hope that after Dude is all healed up, you continue to follow us and support us as this is not the end of our journey. Big things will come of this, and we will be asking for your help and your prayers again. :) I can't thank you enough for sticking with us this far! I have been blessed and so has Dude.

with love,


  1. Oh my gosh!....that picture of Dude standing with his Dr. brought me to tears!...How wonderful and he is looking GREAT!!!...Your little man is quite the inspiration as are you...prayers are being answered and we have alot to be THANKFUL for!!!!Hugs and Kisses from Nana Hurst

  2. i ordered my lanterns and can't wait to hear when the day we get to send them up to heaven. and i agree with my mom, dude looks GREAT!! ♥ you both......