Monday, June 6, 2011

I feel like....

How long has it actually been since I have been on here to spill my every thought!

This weekend I actually had a weekend off! I didn't have any chores to do. [at all] Not even a little bit! I sat and enjoyed 2 baseball games and a softball game. I got to play with my kids, sit around with my best friend/ fiancĂ©e... this list goes on! I got to breathe!

I have been thinking a lot lately about actually doing {not just dreaming about} all of the crafty things I have been wishing about. For so long I have played both Mom and Dad that I hardly had time to take a shower, let alone do a project. But now that I have Aaron-The-Wonderful, my stress load is slowly but surely lifting off my shoulders. Let me tell you how amazing this man is to me... I went from working 3 jobs, (yes I said it THREE) and hardly keeping above water, to being forced to take half days so that I can spend time with the kids! I also take weekends off, and with all of this extra time one my hands, life is falling into place! With all of this happening at the beginning of summer, just think of all of the yard sales I can get to, and all of the fun crafts I can get started! Oh and the amazing dinner parties I can host in my big wonderful backyard!

Another wonderful thing that happened this weekend that has been very inspiring to me; MY SISTER GOT ENGAGED!!!! Oh my word am I so excited for her! So now with my wedding and her wedding within a year, we have a lot to do! I'm so excited.

Life keeps surprising me with wonderful things and wonderful people :) I can't wait to see what's in store for me tomorrow :)