Sunday, September 11, 2011

God Bless America

People are going to be remembering this day forever, just like we remember the civil war, the signing of the constitution, and Independence day. We all have our opinions about what happened during  9/11, some positive, some negative; but the fact of the matter is this: in times of struggle, this country pulls together! I have personally witnessed this, a number of times.

The First Time
I can’t remember how old I was, I think early high school, my mom came and told me that a little girl that I had babysat was just diagnosed with leukemia. She was two years old. Mom and I spread the word like rapid fire! This family was very dear to us for so many reasons. They were our friends and eventually became our family. This little girl, [Taylor] was so strong for everyone! She spent months and months in the hospital. Her mom stayed with her and her dad had to work to keep a roof over their heads. They lived in and out of the Ronald McDonald house, in the hospital, you name it. I won’t go into the specifics of her, but what happened in our community was amazing to me. This was my first taste of being a part of something much bigger than me.

Mom and I felt helpless; we didn’t know what to do to help. We knew that her mom was out of work and that they were struggling. We did the first thing that popped into our mind… CARWASH!!!!!!!! It was a Saturday, and I just remember dancing on the sidewalk with signs that said “help Taylor beat leukemia”. More than anything else, it was a blast just knowing that I was doing my part. We raised over $1,000.00 that day! People not only came and got their car washed but they parked their cars and helped! Strangers off the street picked up brushes and towels and wanted to help this little girl!! This was, to say the least, a success! Taylor’s family had no idea that we had organized such an event, and when we called her mom, she was overjoyed. Her joy didn’t even come close to what we had felt in our hearts.
The Second Time
I had just had Dominic. He has surgery at 8 days old. I had of course planned on taking off of work for maternity leave, but what I didn’t plan for was spending my whole leave 300 miles away from my home. After 5 weeks of living in the Ronald McDonald house, I called my mom crying. I didn’t know how I was going to pay my bills! She turned around and opened a donation account. Within a week, my friends and family raised us enough money to pay our bills and for me to stay without worry.
We had also been a part of the Sparrow Club. This organization is not only amazing for families like mine, but for healthy kids all around. [To learn more about the Sparrow Club, please click here.] Without the Sparrow Club, and all of the wonderful kids at South Middle School and the members of SOFCU, we wouldn’t have been able to have Dominic’s first Christmas.
This Time
My wonderful friends and family that read this every single day without fail… you have come together for me. You don’t know how tremendously soothing you are to me! Just knowing that my words mean enough to you, my son means enough to you, I mean enough to you to read this every day. It melts my heart! I have had prayer chains in our name all across the country and God is listening! He is listening and He is working! So thank you again. {I know that I say that a lot, but I mean it from the bottom of my heart}
On top of all of that, and after a long conversation with my mom, [AND without any permission of mine] she has opened a donation account in our name. As most of you know, I’m not one to ask for help, no matter how much I may need it. So, in lieu of our situation, I have humbly added a “support my blog” button.  
Dominic is doing remarkable. There have been so many wonderful things happening! In the last three days, we have been making HUGE strides. I was a little bit worried about him not wanting to eat, but then today, I took him out of his room and he ate like a CHAMP! He has been smiling and laughing a little more every day that goes by. Today he stood up {with a lot of help} for a whole 5 minutes!! It was AMAZING! After that he started to want to sit up more and more. I am such a proud mama. Thank You God!!!


  1. Wow what a joy to see that smile!!!!....Prayers are being answered and before we know it that litte man will be up and running about!!!....Keep the faith and always look UP!....luv ya

  2. :) It is amazing to see such a little boy be so strong and act so old, but that all comes from the Mother you have been to him and the strength in your faith in the Lord. It is so sweet to hear the two of you "giggle" together! ♥ may God keep answering your prayers and healing your little Dude!

    ashley h.

  3. Crazy Kathy here- (third time trying to post)
    Just am trying to let you know how beautiful you write and that when things settle down, I think you should publish your writings. I know that this will help others going thru similiar times. Lots of love your way.
    Kathy Page

  4. I seriously started crying because I'm so happy he's doing good. Thanks for posting this Video Sis, I love you guys soooooooo MUCH!

  5. Hi Whit, out of the mouth of babe's, Madison and I have been praying for Domanic everyday together and once in awhile I catch her praying for him by herself all the while she has never met or seen even a photo of him but she knows he needs our prayers, so when I saw this video this morning i had her pause her veggie tales and come watch the video of him to introduce her to him and she had the biggest smile the whole time and when it was over said "mommy, I want to see more of domanic, and he has an owie, dear god please heal domanic heart an make him all better" :) at this moment she is talking to him on her fake phone saying "Domanic I Love You!" I just though this was so cute and expressed w/ so much love, an just wanted to let you know your in our thoughts and prayers. Love Ya