Wednesday, September 14, 2011


The last couple of days have so jam packed busy that it's almost 10pm and I'm finally able to sit down and get my thoughts down. I won't lie, I was getting a little bit discouraged being in the hospital. Every single session, he would get more and more upset. He was just getting worse and worse. They call this "icu psychosis", but since we have tried everything to make him comfortable and the screaming didn't stop... we weren't (or at least I wasn't) sure if he just wasn't going to get better.

Then came the good news... they were sending us outta there!! The wonderful doctors at Doernbecher gave us a free pass for the night before they were sending us to Legacy Emanuel for rehab. [and remember that amazing doc that I introduced you to the other day? Dr. Armsby? Well she got Dude a little gift. An Ipod shuffle with a little something written on the back] I got all packed up, and Dude listened to his music. He was finally comfortable. He just sat in his wagon. Quiet. We finally got home (to Ronald McDonald) and I was exhausted. we laid on the bed together just relaxing for about 30 mins waiting for our wonderful friend Timmy [aka Tiffany] to come pick us up. Of course we both dozed off for a few until Timmy called to tell us she was here. Dude started acting uncomfortable again and so Timmy and I started trying everything we had. He didn't want to lay down, or sit up, or drink anything... but he did want some chips. He started smiling.... and then laughing...

and then....

it happened....

He. Started. TALKING!!!! 

First he said chip.. then mom... and dad... and by the end of the bag of chips he would say anything we asked him to!! He even started giving me attitude and "copy catting" everything I would say! And then would very proudly laugh at himself. :) I thought I was so tired that I was seeing things.. and hearing things. And then I saw the tears in Timmy's eyes and I knew that it was real.

This morning, it didn't stop. In fact, it got even better. He started shaking his head for yes and no. Then he started saying yes or no when I would ask him questions. When he talked to Papa this morning he said an entire sentance in response to something that was said to him. I couldn't be happier. ICU psychosis it is. He isn't talking all of the time, and sometimes he can be so frusterated that nothing comes out at all, but every day gets better and better.

This morning we made it to Legacy Emanuel. We got to meet his new therapists and they are all wonderful. He got fitted for his own "my size" wheel chair and he kinda looks adorable in it. He isn't a big fan just yet, but I'm sure it will come. He is still obsessed with the music that Dr. Armsby gave him. It is sometimes the only thing that settles him down.

Tomorrow we start our rigorous schedule of lots of physical therapy, occupational therapy and school. {YEP!! School!!} and more therapy! Hopefully we get home soon and we can finish up therapy there. I miss my bed. I miss my kids and my dogs... and I miss my husband to be. Things are definitely going to be different but I'm ready for the challenge.

I'm still working on my "support my blog" button, so bare with me. It should be up and running soon. Thank you so much for you love and support. We also have an account open at Evergreen Federal in Grants Pass.

You all have been such a huge part to our healing. Thank you for being here for us.



  1. That is so amazing Whit! Just wonderful.

  2. what a wonderful PRAISE report!! thank you so much for keeping us all updated with your blog! What a beautiful way to count the ways the Lord is holding your hand in all of this! He totally cares about the little details, which is evident in your and Dude's journey! LOVE you friend! <3

  3. Prayers really do get answered. Dude is absolute proof. This is wonderful news and i am so glad to hear it. He is on his way to a full, hopefully fast, and successful recovery. you two will remain in my prayers ♥

  4. ....YES!!! I was so anxious to get home from California and read your blog...and what great news to come home to!! So happy Whit...strength and prayers continue from all my family and friends who are supporting Dude. They now love all of you too!! Big hugs to all of you!

    Auntie Winna

  5. Yay!!!! What wonderful news and blessings!!! God bless your amazing little man, Whit! He is watching over your family and Dominic every moment! Big Loves!
    Kerrie, Holly & Hayley

  6. Hallelujah! Makes you want to do a little dance! How exciting and assuring that God is working through prayers, doctors and LOVE! So glad you are finally getting to see your little man make some leaps in his recovery! So very happy for you and Dude and wish huge accomplishments at Legacy Emmanuel!

  7. From carly k...I have been thinking of u guys every day...sending u both strength and love! So happy to read that he is doing so great!

  8. Stay strong Whit...Shane and I are rooting for you two everyday! Hope you can keep your upbeat attitude and dominate all the future challenges. Stay up love!

  9. Whit I know with how amazing of a mom you are he will continue to recover!!! Keep strong and positive and you two will move mountains. So much love and prayers being sent your way!!! Love ya!!! Heather