Thursday, April 14, 2011


Today we spent the day in Portland. We ate gellato at Bridgeport, spent some good quality time at borders getting books to read and looked around some other shops. We ate lunch together, and had some good laughs. After the docs, we met up with "Timmy" and had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. All in all, it was a wonderful day before the craziness we will live tomorrow. At dinner, Dominic was SO funny! We decided that he could have anything he wanted since he won't be able to eat until he wakes up tomorrow. So we told the server that it was his birthday! They brought him ice cream AND this little glass full of fudge and whipped cream. He was definitely was chocolate wasted by the end of the night :)

Dominic my love: be brave tomorrow. There are so many people praying for you and sending you love! It's just another step in our crazy lives. I love you my sweet sweet boy!

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