Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Time is Here

I'm up still, just getting ready for the last leg of our adventure. It feels like this week was so far away, and now here it is. This is the week that we will be scheduling Dominic's last surgery. Friday morning we will be checking in at Doernbecher/OHSU for a Cardiac Cath. There will be lots of yawns, and hopefully eating some good Portland food, catching up on a good book and maybe a little catching up on some much needed business attention.
For me, the key to getting through anything and everything I have been through is to keep busy and laugh! I'm a HUGE believer in God, and no matter what I do, or think, or say to anyone, in the end it's Him that makes the decisions. I just wait here and stay as positive as I possibly can because without that, I have nothing. So I make friends with my Doctors and Nurses. I cuddle with my Dude. I watch kid shows on TV. I laugh when I want to cry and I keep my mind busy when it could wander and make me worry.
I thank God every single day for everything he has given me. My wonderful family and especially the strength of my beautiful little boy. Without him I would be so lost in this crazy world. I'm not sure I could get any luckier.
Tonight after dinner, and after sticking fries in our noses, Dominic asked us what was going to happen at the "Hostable" on Friday. When we explained it to him he says "OH! Well that's not so bad!! They aren't gonna give me that big scary owie?? hmmm okay!" And it reminded me that that is the type of attitude we needed to have.

Dominic my love, I'm so proud of you for your love, your strength, and your laughter through everything that you have seen in your little life! I love you!

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  1. Oh dear God, how lucky I am to have met you and your family Whitney. . . .as I sit a my work desk with tears dripping down my face reading your words. . .what a blessing to know you and Dominic. I feel it in my every fiber of being. . .this boy will move mountains someday. You, my dear, already have moved them. . .you are his MOTHER, and for how wonderful that fact is. . . .there are no words. Prayers and love.