Saturday, April 16, 2011

home...we're on our way

Dominic got out of the Cath Lab at about 8pm last night. He was OUT! At about 9:30 we gave up on trying to get him to play with us and we just waited. The nurse in the recovery unit also gave up on him waking up anytime soon and sent us to Doernbecher at about 12:30. We got settled in our room around 1am and got to sleep around 1:45. What a long day! It didn't stop there because Dude woke up in pain and I crawled in bed with him just to wake up to him puking an hour later. Needless to say, we're all a little exhausted today for this journey home.
As far as his cath results, things are looking wonderful. Dr. Armsby thinks he is ready for the Fontan. (I'll explain more about that later) she will present his case to all of the cardiologists in the next couple of weeks and we will get some dates on surgery.
As we were getting ready to be discharged, the nurse and I were trying to remove dude's dressings. We're trying to make this as painless as possible for my little man. Nurse Meaghan started removing the first one and Dominic starts crying saying it hurts.
"Mom, I just want to go home!"
"I know baby, we just have two more to go, then all of these stickers on your chest and we can go home"
Right then, Meaghan walked away to get more detachol and Dominic just starts ripping the next one off! He had it off before I could stop him!!! (The first one took about 5 mins of two adults working and tugging because they are SO sticky!) Then he started working on the last one and I asked if he needed or wanted help. He looked at me with tears in his eyes and said "Mommy, I am all done. I want to go home." So we got our stuff done, he thanked his nurse for helping him get better, and we're on the road home as we speak. He is so amazing. Thank God for that sweet angel of mine.
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  1. What little spitfire!!!! Way to go Dominic!!!!

  2. I'm tellin' ya Whitney. . .he is a tower of strength, and I'm pretty sure I can figure out the family members he learned that from. . .. what a man. . .. what a family you all make. . .it's all about the love. So simple,that so many never get it right. Happy for you all.