Friday, September 2, 2011

September 2, 2011

Today has been one of the hardest days of my life. All night last night Dominic threw little fits and kicked his leg and screamed. He wasn't communicating very well he was just upset. Today, we took a lot of his "lines" out including his Foley catheter and an arterial line. One thing that has been concerning was that he was only kicking his one leg. Everyone was really concerned about this so we have been talking to new doctors and going through new tests. The tests came back and the results are this: Dominic had a stroke. It happened sometime either during surgery or right afterwards. We found out early, which is good. They have stopped the intense blood thinner and started him on aspirin so as not to cause bleeding in his brain. He will have to go through rehab to get movement back into his right extremities and for his speech.. but already he is trying to talk and succeeding a little bit. He is moving slowly his right arm and a little on his leg but it's still going to be a long long journey. We are all optimistic. Very optimistic. Things are going to be just fine just please keep praying. The Lords Will will prevail and I know He loves us all, in every condition.

When we talked with his surgeon today and his cardiologist, they both had told me that not only has he been through worse than this and made it through, but that more often than not kids do great! Things are going to be okay. And please don't be scared. We aren't. This is different for kids than it is an adult. Their brains are still developing and therefore can make new pathways and figure out how to do things.. just differently. Keep those positive prayers coming our way. And I will keep everyone as updated as possible. Thank you again.


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