Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Practicing - Respect

If you ever think you're the best at something, you might as well just quit. I have learned from watching people that no matter what you are involved it, whether it be sports, or an art or even parenting, as soon as you think you're the best, it's all over.

I think that doctors have it right. They practice medicine. They are always striving to get better and learn more. There is never a final answer because things are forever changing. Life isn't math. There isn't one answer to each problem.

Of course this is all so elementary right?! But why is it that people don't Practice- Parenthood????? Why is it that people either do things the same for their child's entire life, or they don't do anything at all??? Just because your child knows how to talk, doesn't mean you are done teaching them words or how to use them! Just because your child knows how to walk, doesn't mean that they know to look around them and be aware while walking.

I know that I'm a strict parent. {Just ask my kids} But if any of you know my kids... they are amazing. My children are always polite, they are on their best behavior... always, and they have fun! None of them will tell you that life is boring or living with me is horrible. They know I love them and that's why I teach them the things that I do. (Shoot, at my house, my kids do their own laundry, they do the dishes, clean their rooms. Than includes vacuuming and dusting! And they are all under 10 years old. They also play every single sport they want AND they have amazing grades)..............(not to brag or anything hehe)

Now with all of that said, my older kids, Toren and Alaina came up last weekend to visit Dude. They were all so excited to see each other. Toren and Laina loved pushing Dominic in his new "race chair" and showing him how to do things again. We laughed and had a great time! We got to play catch in the courtyard and eat dinner together. It was wonderful. The funny thing is.... We were all walking down the hall and there were these two little boys running around in the hospital. Toren stopped me and said "Whitney, you would KILL us if we acted like that!!" I laughed and asked him why I would do that and he said, "look at them, they are being annoying!". IT'S WORKING!

It felt so good to show them, without them even knowing it, why I am the way that I am. It was even more fun to see them recognize it themselves without any help.

All of our doctors and nurses always compliment me on how polite Dominic is. He says please and thank you, excuse me and I'm sorry no matter what. He is such a good boy! The thing that bothers me is.... why is it that people think that just because they are in a circumstance that isn't exactly favorable, they can get away with being expectant, obnoxious or plain rude! When I say that Dominic uses his manners, I mean it. He tells every single nurse, doctor, volunteer, and cna thank you no matter what it is that they came in for. When the lab techs came in to take his blood, he thanks them for helping him feel better, right after he screams for them to stop! At one point, he was a brat for a cna who was trying to take his blood pressure. When she couldn't and walked out of the room he said "I'm sorry Mommy, I want to tell her sorry too" and so we called her back in the room and he apologized.

The point that I'm trying to make is this, I am trying my hardest to Practice Parenting and it isn't always easy no matter what; however, I have really noticed my practicing actually taking effect. I don't have to cue my kids to say anything. They use their manners the first time! Now on to the next lesson.... Whatever that might be.

I am so thankful for my parents for treating me this way also. Thanks for teaching me how to be a successful adult. Whatever you did, it worked. I have so many people who love and care about me and my son. Thanks Mom for allowing us to grow up in a safe environment. For forcing us to take care of ourselves and learning how to do chores. Thanks for teaching me right from wrong and how to take care of my things. Thank you Dad for working so hard. Thank you for all of your sacrifices to give our family everything that we had. You two did a great job with Tia and I and it shows through Dominic, Toren and Alaina. -oh and Tia, thanks for always being my best friend. No matter what argument we have ever gotten into, I always knew that you had my back no matter what! (isn't it funny how you can say whatever you want about your family, good or bad, but as soon as someone else does... it's go time!) I might possibly have the best family there is.

The funny thing is this: I'm 26 years old, Tia is 24. We both live on our own and are getting married. Our parents are still Practicing Parenthood. They still look out for us. Even funnier, we still ask our parents permission for things lol! Not in a "can I go to the movies" kind of way, but we obviously ask for their advice and we take it for the most part. (even if I might throw a tantrum sometimes about it)

Maybe it's like professional sports players. They work hard every single day practicing the sport that they are already one of the best at, and yet, they keep doing it! Even after they retire, they still play and practice, or better yet -they coach!! (Grandparents are the best at "coaching" aren't they?!)

At the end of the day, the most important job, is parenting. It's also the most evolving and the least paying. So please, for your kids' sake, don't stop practicing! Don't stop teaching, and don't stop loving.



  1. You my friend are an inspiration. :-) xo Trina

  2. You and I have had some good talks and I have been thinking about them lately and to tell you the truth I so look up to you!! You take everything god has given you and you make the best of it and you are such an up beat and inspirational woman, mother, sister, wife, and friend. Thank you for being you!!! Love you and your family!! And thank you! As always you your little man and family are in my thoughts and prayers. Heather and Zoey